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What is Convalexa in Astrology? Powerful Italian Switch Word For Money in 2024

What is Convalexa

What is Convalexa

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During a podcast by Reahit, the term “convalexa” was explained by Dr. Sanjeev Thakur, a well known astrologer who said that repeatedly uttering the term is a remedy for those whose money has been stuck due to any reason.

According to him uttering this term is suitable for everyone irrespective of their “rashi” or Zodiac sign. He also said that many people were benefitted by chanting these words.

Origin and History

The origin of switch words start in the 18th century Europe when exotic stories like the Arabian Nights, such as Alibaba and Aladdin came to the region.

The origin of switch words might be due to an influence of the switch words used in Alibaba and 40 Bandits. The story had a switch word “Open Sesame” which used to open a secret vault in the mountains.

Another origin of switch words is presumed to be in James T. Magnan and his book The Secret of Perfect Living, where Magnan described how language acted as a link between conscious and sub-conscious minds. The book was released in early 1900s.

His book contained several such switch words such as GIGGLE, which could be used to elate your mood.

Convalexa Meaning

The root word of convalexa originates from Italian language.


The origin of the term Convalexa might lie in the Italian word “convalescenza” which means a period of gradual recovery after illness or bad times.

The word is not a part of Indian Astrology.


कॉन्वेलेक्सा का मूल शब्द “कॉनवेल्सेंज़ा” है जो इतालवी भाषा से निकला है। इटालियन शब्द “कॉन्वेलेसेन्ज़ा” का अर्थ है बीमारी या बुरे समय के बाद धीरे-धीरे ठीक होने की अवधि। कॉन्वेलेक्सा इस मूल शब्द के एक्सट्रपलेशन द्वारा प्राप्त किया गया है।

कॉन्वेलेक्सा और कॉन्वेलेसेन्ज़ा दोनों ही भारतीय ज्योतिष का हिस्सा नहीं हैं।

How Convalexa works?

Convalexa works by alternating the negative thoughts into positive ones in your subconscious mind. A positive mind is much better suited at looking for opportunities and grabbing them when they come.

Best Way of Chanting Convalexa

As per Dr. Sanjeev Thakur, these are Italian Switch Words which produce the best results when chanted 51 times and in a place related to the word. Convalexa can be chanted at any time while sitting or doing some routine work. However, the person should make sure that their 100% thoughts are towards the chant.

Another Italian Switch Word, Prosopiare, which is a switch word for prosperity, should be chanted at the place of work or business.

According to my experience, the best way of chanting convalexa is:

  1. Sit at a place where no one could disturb you for a few minutes.
  2. Create a positive mind, these switch words work best in a positive mind.
  3. Chant in cycles of 51 times.
  4. While chanting, visualize the outcome and if possible write it in a diary.

Scientific Explanation

Switch words are meant to work through your subconscious mind. They affect your subconscious mind to create positive thoughts towards your goals. There have been several scientific studies which show how positive thoughts are related to better outcomes at work, relationships and health.

About Italian Switch Words

Italian Switch Words are those phrases or words that are meant to trigger specific response in the subconscious mind. The words are chanted to attract health, wealth and success.

Each switch word has been associated with a certain kind of outcome. For example convalexa with money, prosopiare with business, etc.

The following are a list of Italian Switch Words for specific outcomes.

Is Convalexa scientifically proven?

Yes, Convalexa is what psychologists might call as positive affirmation. This is a way of creating a positive setup in your mind which reduces anxiety, eliminates negative thought and better prepares you to grab opportunities which you have been missing due to negative thoughts.

What is Convalexa meaning in Hindi?

The meaning of the term convalexa in hindi is “बुरे समय के बाद धीरे-धीरे ठीक होने की अवधि”.

How many times is Convalexa chanting done?

As per Dr. Sanjev Thakur who said about this term, convalexa should be chanted multiple times say 10 minutes or about 50 times. The chanting can be done by anyone at anytime.

Who should chant Convalexa?

Switch words are meant for specific outcomes and convalexa is meant to attract wealth. Therefore, traders, investors, salaried persons, and anyone who needs more money in their life can chant convalexa.

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