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How Personalized Songs are Shaping a New Gifting Trend in 2024?

Personalized Song Gifts

Personalized Song Gifts

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A new gifting trend has emerged in the world of personalized gifting where people can order personalized songs for them or their loved ones. These songs have effectively made their place within the gifting niche nowadays with several companies competing to provide songs at ultra low prices.

Personalized song refers to those whose lyrics are written as per the customer’s instruction. These songs may contain names, life story, an emotional moment or a few other personalized details of the customer.

A New Era of Gifting

Gifting is always about surprising the person who will receive the gift. All our life we have seen people going out of ways to gift something unique.

However, that is simply not possible for everyone. Our busy lives and hectic schedules are taking away the time to think, the money to spend and the effort to create the gift.

However, that changes with customized gifts. Now you can easily order a cup, mug, t-shirt or even a custom song for your occasions.

Why Personalized Songs have Great Appeal?

Personalized songs tend to capture the emotions associated with the gift giver as well as the gift taker.

Because its Easy to Order. Suppose a son/daughter wishes to gift a personalized song to their mother on Mother’s Day, they can easily get on a website like Melotales, and just order the song with just ₹999. The song will be delivered within a few days straight to your phone.

Emotional Appeal. Most of us pick special gifts only for the special ones in our lives. What we often overlook is that there exists bitter sweet memories with all our closed ones. Custom songs turn these memories into beautiful melodies that evokes emotions and appeals the the core of the heart.

For All Occasions – Birthdays, Anniversaries and Even Weddings

This is true for other occasions too, like anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and even weddings. Gone are the days when we used to play the usual Bollywood songs.

Also between young age couple of GenZ and Millenials, the song gifting trend has really picked up. We had contacted two companies regarding the same song gifting trend, and we learn that this gifting culture is on the rise. The primary reasons that told us for its success was pricing and easy order process.

Making an Impact in Corporate Gifting

For those like me who have worked in a lot of corporate settings, we know how tight are HR budgets in companies. Gifting budgets are typically around ₹4000 ($50) for most companies.

With that small of a budget, it gets incredibly difficult to choose a gift worth gifting.

Custom songs make a very good fit in such settings. With pricing starting around ₹1000, gifting a song makes much more sense. It validates all the efforts that employees seek and deserve from their companies.

Corporate Jingles

Further, custom songs can also be created for corporates. These songs, called Jingles, are an old technique of crating brand value. This is because our mind remembers the brands much more clear when we listen to their jingles.

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