End Shivraj Era as Mohan Yadav (मोहन यादव) Becomes New Madhya Pradesh CM

Dr. Mohan Yadav has been selected as the Chief Minister in a meeting of party members and elected BJP MLAs of Madhya Pradesh.
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Mohan Yadav who was the former Higher Education Ministry in the Shivraj Singh’s government in Madhya Pradesh has been selected as the Chief Minister in a meeting of party members and elected BJP MLAs of Madhya Pradesh. He won the 2023 Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections from Ujjain Dakshin for the third time.

His designation as the Chief Minister by the BJP marks the end of 18 years of Shivraj Singh Chauhan who is fondly called as “mama” in the state.

The decision comes after Vishnu Deo Sai was designated as Chhattisgarh CM.

Who is Mohan Yadav? कौन हैं मोहन यादव?

Mohan Yadav has been designated as the CM of Madhya Pradesh after the 2023 Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections. Earlier in the previous govt (2018-2023), he was the Higher Education Minister in the cabinet of Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

Yadav is 58 years old and has won thrice from the Ujjain Dakshin seat.

He was born on March 25, 1965 to Poonamchand Yadav. He is married to Seema Yadav and has one son.

Yadav has zero criminal cases pending against him, neither he has been convicted in the past.

In his electoral affidavit he has confirmed that he owns a 12 bore gun and a revolver.

Source: Mohan Yadav’s Electoral Affidavit

Yadav has also headed wrestling associations in the past.

Election History

Mohan Yadav stared his career as an MLA in the 2013 Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections where he won from Ujjain Dakshin assembly constituency. His number of votes in Ujjain Dakshin constituency has seen a consistent rise since 2013.

He was declared Chief Minister in the BJP meeting between elected MLAs of the party in Madhya Pradesh and observers sent by the party.

Past Elections

2013Ujjain Dakshin73,108
2018Ujjain Dakshin78,17846.71
2023Ujjain Dakshin95,69912,941
Source: https://results.eci.gov.in

Educational Qualifications

Mohan Yadav has received the following degrees from Vikram University.

  1. Bachelor of Science
  2. LLB
  3. Master of Arts
  4. Master of Business Administration
  5. Doctorate of Philosophy

Does Caste Matter?

I have chosen not to comment on the caste angle of Mohan Yadav which I have seen almost all news channels and newspapers doing.


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