How to Know India Post Payment Bank(IPPB) Customer ID?

Multiple ways to know your IPPB Customer ID. Scan QR code on IPPB Card. Visit a nearest Post Office. Call Customer Care on 155299.
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There are multiple ways to know your IPPB Customer ID in case you have lost it. I too had lost my IPPB customer ID.

  • Scan QR code on IPPB Card
  • Visit the Post Office
  • Call Customer Care on 155299

QR Code Card with IPPB Account

IPPB QR Code Card
IPPB QR Code Card

Each IPPB account has a QR code and if you take it to the post office they will tell you your customer ID. Alternatively you can also use any QR code reader in your mobile phone to scan.

Visit the Post Office

When I visited the post office, they told me there are several ways of getting your customer ID back.

  • One way was to retrieve the SMS that was received when I created the account. Unfortunately I lost that account.
  • Second way was to call the customer care and verify my details which I did and got back my ID.

Call Customer Care

If you have phone banking or mobile banking, you can call the following numbers for customer care:

  1. Phone Banking Number: 155299
  2. Unauthorized Transaction, Debit Card Block: 18008899860
  3. SMS Banking Number: 7738062873
  4. Missed Call Banking: 8424046556 and 8424026886
  5. Email:

After connecting with a customer care through IVR menu, ask if they can tell customer ID which is non-secretive information and last time when I called, they shared my customer ID with me. Although I was sitting in a post office and the IPPB officer encouraged me to use the self help service with his guidance.

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