USA Sent Naval Fleet in 1971 and Flimsy Evidence in 2023 Against India

USA sent naval ships against India in 1971 and in 2023 sent flimsy evidence for Pannun assassination attempt.
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For the most part of the history, USA has acted against the interests of India, be it in 1971 when it sent nuclear ships to India or in 2023 when its trying to push a false narrative against Indian government.

USA Sent Naval Fleet Against India in 1971

USS Enterprise with its Carrier Strike Group of USA
USS Enterprise with its Carrier Strike Group of USA

On 14 December 1971 Task Force 74 (Navy Ships of USA + UK + Australia) containing the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and its entire seventh fleet, were ordered to intimidate and possibly also attack Indian positions along the Bay of Bengal. This happened despite USA’s earlier commitment to human rights which its ally Pakistan was grossly violating in Bangladesh.

Despite all, the USS Enterprise crossed Malacca straits between the night of 13 – 14 December, 1971 and entered the Bay of Bengal on 15th. The carrier strike group was asked to proceed slowly at the speed of 15 knots to conserve fuel.

According to a book by Blechman and Kaplan (ISBN 0-8157-0985-4, page 188), the US Government was proceeding to evacuate Pakistani Forces. Evidence also suggests that the US Navy was also tasked to target Indian military facilities.

At that time, the Soviet Naval Force with a nuclear ballistic missile submarine arrived to fulfil its end of the Soviet-India Friendship Treaty signed on 9 Aug 1971. The standoff is supposed to have prevented US interference in the war.

USA Sent Flimsy Evidence Against India in 2023

Designated Terrorist Pannun, USA Citizen
Designated Terrorist Pannun, USA Citizen

Though on a much smaller scale, India and USA are still going through a standoff as of 15 December 2023. The US Government alleged that Indian Government used a person named Nikhil Gupta (alleged drug dealer) to allegedly hire a hitman against Pannun, a designated terrorist by Govt of India.

The evidence and the arguments supplied by the US Govt appear to be flimsy.

  1. It was alleged that CRPF was involved in the incident, which is a Police Force in India and primarily operates against Naxals, Crowd Control and in election duties.
  2. It was alleged that a total of $100,000 was to be paid for the attempt on Pannun. Why a cash-trail when untraceable crypto mixers are available?
  3. The same gunmen was allegedly hired which did a similar successful attempt on Nijjar. Why would someone leave a trail?

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