Modi is the Most Popular Global Leader with 76% Approval Ratings

A survey by Morning Consult shows that PM Modi remains the most popular global leader with 76% approval ratings.
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Narendra Modi remains the top global leader with the highest percentage of approval ratings according to a study done by The top 5 leaders in the list were Modi (India), Obrador(Mexico), Alan Berset (Switzerland), da Silva (Brazil) and Albanese (Australia). Joe Biden received a distant 8th spot with 37% approval ratings.

Report by Morning Consult

Morning Consult conducted a survey of national leaders of 22 countries. In the list PM Modi had the highest percentage of approval ratings of 76% followed by Mexico’s President Obrador (66%) and Swiss President Berset (58%).

Other global leaders such as Joe Biden received 37% approval ratings, Rishi Sunak (UK PM) received just 25% ratings, and the Japanese PM Kishida received a mere16% ratings.

Below is the full list as tweeted by Morning Consult.

Past Approval Ratings of PM Modi


Modi remains a top choice as a leader in India with several ratings giving him at least 50% of approvals. Even during the COVID, Modi’s approval ratings were 63% as per a report from May 2021 by the same Morning Consult which did the current survey.


In December 2016, a couple of months after demonetization, PM Modi’s approval ratings were at a high of 75%+ in a survey conducted by Cashless Chronicles. During that time the government gave people 50 days to dispose all the currency notes that were demonetized.

Source: Zee Business

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