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Vajranabha, Great-grandson of Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna's Lineage till Vajranabha

Shri Krishna's Lineage till Vajranabha

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Vajranabha, also known as Vajra Nabha or Vajranabha (वज्रनाभ्), was the great-grandson of Shri Krishna, the grandson of Pradyumna, and the son of Aniruddha. He was one of the last surviving Yadu and succeeded King Aniruddha to the throne. He was said to be very much like his great-grandfather Krishna.

He also built the temple at Mathura dedicated to Shri Krishna.

As for the literary sources that mention Vajranabha, they include:

Arjuna placed Vajranabha, the son of Krishna’s grandson Aniruddha, in charge of those Yadavas who had survived the internecine warfare that followed the destruction of Dwarka.

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