Corporate Jingles as a Proven Marketing Gimmick in 2024

Jingles create lasting brand value and captivates customers with memorable melodies.
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Custom songs, called Jingles, are an old technique of crating brand value. All of us remember iconic ads from our childhood that still resonates in our minds.

Below is an example of Ghadi Detergent. There is a solid reason why the company still uses the jingle below. “Pehle istemaal karein fir vishwaas karein.”

The reason why we still remember iconic ads was because of their corporate jingles. Melotales is one of the major players in these markets.

When we asked how they came up with this idea, they said that most ads in the new age are rarely able to communicate with that power as they used to. With reducing attention spans and increasing competition, jingles are the best way forward for corporates to make an impact on people.

Their corporate jingles are available on custom orders and claim to provide the highest value for money. Within a few hundred dollars, these custom songs are prepared and delivered straight to the company. Melotales also helps companies copyright these jingles.

Psychology of Corporate Jingles

US-based National Library of Medicine (NCBI) identifies why corporate jingles work better than most ads. A report released by them shows that music invokes emotions which then enhances memory.

A strong affinity is created when people hear the right tune or right jingles. This then translates to brand affinity and the customer becomes a loyal buyer.

3 Successful Corporate Jingles in History

There are many successful examples of corporate jingles with some of them being universally recognized for their memorable jingles.

Ghadi, Pehle Istemaal Karein, Fir Vishwaas Karein

Tell me a person who doesn’t remember this ad.

Released in multiple languages, the Ghadi ad has been the most household name for decades thanks to their jingle which not only acts as a promoter of their brand but also attracts the users to test it before trying.

Even though the ad wasn’t perfect, yet it was one of the most successful ads ever. I am saying it was imperfect because the ad asks users to try it first. But the question is where? Ghadi neither said a place, not it provided any free sample to check. Even for buying the sachet, the user has to pay money, and that increases its sales.

“Red Bull Gives You Wings.”

The Redbull is yet another iconic ad creator. To market its image as a strong caffeinated drink, Redbull claims in the ad that it gave you wings (i.e., a lift for your moods).

Though there were lawsuits on the ad, the company simply put an extra “i” in the word Wings and re-started its campaing.

Washing Powder Nirma

The jingle was more of a song and it mostly describes the best qualities of the product. The ad cleverly addresses that Nirma washes both whites and colourless clothes and makes them perfectly stain free.

Want such Memorable Jingles at a Discount?

Melotales has been a successful creator of several corporate jingles. At a fraction of price, you get studio-grade clarity, professional language, top tier voice overs and singers and even a copyright over your song.

You can contact them at this link. With my experience with them, they are very responsive and quick in service.